Posted by: dihennessey | July 19, 2010

Quaint, passe` Virtualization…

Remarks by VMware CEO Paul Maritz, at a Cloud computing conference a few weeks ago, may have contained the most audacious prognostication of the year, if it were not for the limitless supply of audacious prognostications this year.

His suggestion that his VMware platform — the hottest thing going for server virtualization, which is seeing phenomenal growth this year — will soon be obsoleted by ‘native’ features in clouds of the future, is both visionary and gutsy.  It’s rare for the creator of a successful technology to see past their creation’s demise and anticipate its replacement.  Steve Jobs is perhaps best known for his similar visionary ability, but Mr. Maritz deserves much credit for his own farsightedness.  The next “V-Cloud” platform may be a monolithic winner-take-all operating environment, or a compilation of many competing options.  If recent trends in innovation are a guide then it’s likely that wider diversity of platforms will be the norm, at least during the evolutionary stages.

Check out the conference panel clip at:  Structure 2010 Live Stream.

Read about the V-Cloud discussion at the GigaOM blog..

VMware Knows the Cloud Doesn’t Need Server Virtualization
GigaOm (blog)
July 17, 2010, 5:00pm PDT

Most assume that server virtualization as we know it today is a fundamental enabler of the cloud, but it is only a crutch we need until cloud-based application platforms mature to the point where applications are built and deployed without any reference to current notions of servers and operating systems.



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